Office Anywhere Products

Sl.No. Product Name ERachana Products Description
1 Better Reach strContent2 Bulk Email Sending application with Better Open Rate Better Reach is a very useful and cost effective tool that can be used to monitor software bugs during the software development life cycle.
2 Lead Manager Lead Manager Managing Leads defines your Business Success Lead Management Software to help your business track and manage leads of prospective customers and optimise the sales process for better results.
3 Quotation strContent2 Quickly Generate Quotations from Web & Mobile Application Quickly Generate Quotations from Web & Mobile Application, increase your sales team’s productivity, impress your prospects, and ultimately win new business.
4 Spelling & Grammar Check strContent2 Website Spelling and Grammar Checking Tool (Error Finder) Correct spelling and Grammar is a key ingredient to online reputation. Optimize the quality of the content on the website with the Free Online Spell Check Tool
5 Yellow Pages strContent2 Get Company Information of your choice all over India With Office Anywhere Digital Indian Yellow Pages Tool, Get Company Information of your choice all over India, as per search criteria you provide.
6 Email ID Finder strContent2 lets you find email addresses of list of websites Email Finder application lets you find email addresses of the list of websites you upload to help you connect with the people who matter for your business.
7 Email ID Verification strContent2 Tool to help you do better email campaigns With free online Email-ID Format Validation Tool, you cand find all the invalid email and exclude them from your email list for Better Email Campaign
8 GST Billing strContent2 GST Billing Solution with CRM, Inventory & Accounting GST Billing Online Application is a single solution for Preparing Invoice, EWay Bill & GST Returns, TDS, Inventory, CRM, Accounting and Exporting Data to Tally
9 Infrastructure Engineering strContent2 software for Infrastructure Engineering Infrastructure Design & Land Survey Engineering Software Applications for CS, LS, Road Design, Earthwork, Quantity, Contour, Topomap, KML to CAD, Sewer, Water
10 Payroll strContent2 Complete Payroll Solution including PF, ESI, PT, TDS, & More. Payroll is an intuitive payroll processing application that automates salary payment calculations, includes statutory components and generates payslips.
11 Petty Cash strContent2 Petty Cash Online Application for Office Expense Management Petty Cash (Online Application) is a small accounting application to track Petty Cash Transactions, Print Vouchers, and Generate Various Reports.
12 Free Apps strContent2 Free Applications With free online Salary Optimisation Tool - You can get Income Tax, CTC (Employer) and Take Home Salary(Employee) Views for a Specified Monthly Salary
13 Leave Manager strContent2 Track Employee Leaves with Approvals Smart Leave Manager is an Online Solution that helps your organization to manage the Leaves in an organized way by tracking Employee Leave Requests and Approvals.
14 Broken Link Check strContent2 Find Broken Links in Entire Website and Export SEO Metadata With free online Broken Link Checker, you can find the broken link list for entire website along with a list of URLs and related SEO MetaData for Entire Website
15 Address Book & Reminder strContent2 Manage Contacts Effectively & Get Reminded on Important Days Address Book & Reminder, easy to use online address management app that comes with a Mobile application to help you keep in touch with your near & dear once