Major Projects

a) Swachh Bharat Mission : SWM (Solid Waste Management)
b) Manasa Sarovara Mini Hydro : Proposed layout plan with design detailing.
c) Fire and safety solutions : Malls, Warehouse, Pharmaceutical company’s, Skyscraper buildings, Hospitals etc..
d) Bio-Remediation Sites (Lake’s, Waste dump site’s
e) Biochar reactor : (Conversion of human waste into biochar product)
f) District urban development cell (DUDC)
g) Kudramuka Project : Digitisation of Village maps, village ID’s in the form of point data.
h) Rajiv Gandhi Project : Digitisation of Landuse Maps.
i) Wind energy Project : Digitisation of S.O.I maps, Landuse, contours, showing the velocity of the wind, and the forecast of the weather details, which helps to generate power.