Unique CADD Services offers high-quality cad digitization services, wherein we do outsourced job and assist our customers digitizing heaps of engineering drawings into a computerized format. Our CAD digitization services are backed with 28 years of experience in preparing engineering drawings to offer you a better output in short time. CAD digitization is nowadays widely accepted by all small and big engineering firms, as whole world is becoming digital. Digital Files means, secure for a longer period without any damage. CAD digitization process, which includes converting existing manual documents to electronic format, is applicable to most of the engineering drawings and we have expertise in converting them.


Benefits of CAD Digitization are several, as it enables you to save your money, time and space along with minimizing operating costs. It allows you to convert all your information, data and images electrically into a vector format. Advantage with vector drawing is you can take the output in any resolution without compromising on quality unlike Scanned Images. CAD Digitization is a safer storage medium, as it reduces the space required to store data. It helps organize customized storage retrieval systems. Normally we provide output in Auto CAD DWG Format. However, if your requirement is to get the digitised file in other different Popular Formats, we have no issues in providing it. We can also, easily make any change or modification in the digitalized file in a timely and cost-effective manner. CAD Digitization help eco system to by enabling you become paperless. However, Hardcopy prints are always very effective in communication and we offer Plotting Services. We follow Industry Standard Methods to prepare the drawings and maintain entities in different layer so that output drawings are easily editable and maintainable. When we prepare drawing we maintain different layers for dimensions, body, text, hidden lines and centre-lines.


The CAD digitization services offered by Unique CADD Services are popular because of consistency. Team members have worked on Auto CAD since Release 10 of Auto CAD. Unique CADD Services have well-equipped digitization infrastructure along with competent and experienced CAD technicians and technical staff to provide excellent quality of CAD digitization services at economical prices in shortest possible Time. The trained and experienced professionals in Unique CADD Services do CAD digitization services for text, symbols, and geometries of engineering drawings, electrical schematics, architectural designs, terrain maps, mechanical components and piping network drawings. We digitize your raster images like drawings, logos, graphics etc. in TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDF etc. into fully editable, multi-layer formats like Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, DWG, DXF, DGN or any other desired vector format. We are able to produce native CAD formats, which are compatible with most CAD systems. It is sure that our CAD digitization services will make your future production and storage purpose easier and faster. Looking for any type of Engineering Drawing to be converted to Drawing Format, don’t hesitate “Talk to our Experts” and get answers to your queries.
Team Unique CADD Services will be glad to assist you!